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31 Proven Strategies to Make Money From Your Email List

31 Proven Strategies to Make Money From Your Email List

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Ask anyone how they built their business and they will tell you it’s all got to do with a prospect list, email is still one of the cheapest and most powerful way to sell products or services. 

In this e-book you will discover how to use lists to generate potential sales leads. 

We give you all the tricks and tips that will make emailing prospects turn from potential spam to sales generating leads. 

We have packed this e-book with 31 tips, here is a sneak peak at what you can expect: 

  • What is a call to action and where to place these in your emails 
  • How and where to place major selling points 
  • Help overcome objections 
  • What is social proof and how this can improve your offer 
  • How images and buttons can improve click-through rates and strengthen your message to prospects 
  • How many email sequences should you use, to not seem like you are spamming your prospect 
  • How to choose titles of emails, that prospects will open 
  • How the length of emails is important? 
  • Why you should use countdown timers to create some urgency 
  • When to send emails to improve open and response rates 
  • What segments are and how they are important 
  • Creating some repetitive email features that your regular fans will love 
  • How to create value for your readers and what this means 
  • How to become the go to person for information and what that means for your readers 
  • Get readers sharing your content, making it reach more people 
  • Mix it up with different formats, to excite your readers 
  • Making your emails original and what this means 
  • How goals are important? 

Overall, you are working with busy people and this e-book will help you reach these busy people and help get your product or service to the “front door” of your prospects. Increasing engagement and developing a voice that stands out from your competition is key, we promise that this e-book will help give you the head start you need or make you a better email marketer, so what are you waiting for get a copy today! 

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