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How To Create Your Next Product in 24 Hours

How To Create Your Next Product in 24 Hours

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This eBook will show you how making a product that sells well doesn't have to be a time-consuming process. It only takes approximately 24 hours of your time(rather than months or even years), even if you have zero experience, to get from ideation to a slide-share video and document. Plus, as you acquire practical experience, you'll be able to move through each stage more rapidly. 


Here’s what you will learn .. 

  • You will be provided with a detailed, actionable roadmap outlining everything you need to do to take your product from concept to finished form. 
  • Discover how to find out what's selling in your industry, or what kinds of topics are generally well-liked, to help you decide on a topic. 
  • Find out what types of products marketers are paying money to advertise to help you “Follow the money” 
  • Want to have a winning product, this eBook teaches you how to choose a title for your product 
  • Tap into a massive marketing source – the internet – see how this is done 
  • Find out what other products are lacking and what topics users of your fabulous new product really want to know about 
  • Find out how to fast track brainstorming, saving you hours of time and effort 
  • This eBook helps you make an outline of your ideas that will work 
  • Discover websites that will help you find quality resources at prices you never imagined possible 
  • Increase your productivity with tips and tricks included in this eBook! 
  • Ideas in people’s heads are a dime a dozen. This eBook helps you articulate these ideas into a complete product document to arouse curiosity, to help you sell your idea to investors or potential buyers of your product 
  • Package these ideas into an easy-to-read document, that is both interesting and educational to your target audience 
  •  Learn how to take this document and produce a powerful PowerPoint document because naturally you want to present your product to others 
  • And finally, learn how to record this into a 60-minute video presentation and BAM you are ready to hit the market with your new idea in 24 hours of work! 


Choose from our eBook(Digital Copy), Audiobook(MP3) or the combo - eBook (Digital Copy) & Audio Book (MP3) 

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